A Rally in Hajjah to Denounce the Saudi Terrorism Against Yemenis



Today, Wednesday, in the Shars area in the province of Hajjah governorate, a rally was held to denounce the US terrorism under the slogan “America is the mother of terrorism.”

Participants in the protest denounced the massacres committed by the US warplanes against Yemeni civilians for six years.

They chanted slogans against the Saudi-UAE aggressors and emphasized their steadfastness against the forces of aggression and occupation as well as their mercenaries. The attendees assured that they will sacrifice even what is precious until victory is achieved.

During the protest, the US designation of Ansarullah as a terrorist group was opposed, assuring that this will only give them more determination to overcome the aggressors.

The participants in the tribal demonstration called on all the Yemeni tribes to strengthen cohesion, solidarity, and to continue public mobilization and confront the aggressors with all available means, announcing tribal disaffection in response to the US declaration.