Civil Orgs Condemn Saudi Detention of Oil Tankers



Civil society organizations condemned the continued detention of petroleum products by the aggressive Saudi-led coalition.

In their statements, the organizations stressed that the repercussions resulting from the arbitrary holding of oil tankers will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, for the lack of oil will cease many services and vital sectors, leading to double the suffering of civilians.

The statements held the United Nations fully responsible for what the situation will turn out to in the coming days. The UN has been neglecting the Saudi prevention of oil tankers entering the port despite Hodeidah, despite them getting permits from the international organization.

Civil society organizations called on all the people in the world to stand by the Yemeni people, demanding to pressurize the aggressors to stop their unjust war and the release of all detained fuel ships.

It also demanded not to detain oil derivative ships in the future, as well as to open sea and airports.