The UN Must adhere to the SAFER maintenance agreement: Al-Ezzi



Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi called on Thursday on the United Nations to abide by the agreement agreed upon regarding the maintenance of the decaying “Safer” tanker, and not to hinder the agreement and add obstacles that would breach the agreement.

Al-Ezzi explained that the United Nations submitted additional requests that are not only outside the agreement but also outside the agreed framework of action signed by the two parties.

The Deputy Minister stressed that the government’s side informed the United Nations of the need to respect the agreements, especially since their new demands relate, in one way or another, to their financial relationship with insurance companies.

He added that all the continuous postponement and change in the arrival dates of the technical team to the Safer tanker is as a result of the United Nations unilaterally. On the other hand, the government has only shown nothing but great interest and concern in stoping oil leakage from decaying tankers.

He pointed out that the government is currently making unremitting efforts to ensure that there is no suspicious link connecting the UN team with the US, especially in light of the increase US hostile attitude towards the Yemeni people.