U.S. War Crimes in Yemen



The crimes occurring in Yemen are serious – U.S. personnel legally liable for war crimes in Yemen because of continued U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Human Rights Watch warned that the U.S. might be liable for laws-of-war violations in Yemen.

Despite U.S. denials, we considered the U.S. to be a party to the conflict because of the direct role U.S. forces played in specific military operations.

Nearly six years later, the Armed Conflict and Event Data Project estimates that 112,000 people have died from the hostilities, including 12,000 civilians. Millions more suffer or have perished, from hunger caused by the Saudi-led coalition’s blockade.

Human Rights Watch isn’t alone in raising concerns about potential U.S. liability for war crimes over the six years.

Though he took no position on the facts, he concluded that a state assisting another state or a nonstate armed group faced a substantial legal risk that aiding and abetting liability for war crimes would be found under international law even absent any intent or purpose to promote the crimes.