The Death of a Woman in Mercenaries Prison in Marib



A woman died at a prison that is under the supervision of the Saudi aggressors in Marib, as a result of torture, two months after her abduction.

A local source in the governorate stated that the death of 24-year-old Safaa Khaled Mohammed Saleh al-Amir, from Taiz Governorate, was after her arrest in the so-called “Intelligence Prison” two months ago, as a result of the physical and psychological torture she was subjected to.

The mercenaries loyal to the Saudi aggressors kidnapped Safa’s father and her husband, who are still captive in the mercenaries’ prisons under fabricated charges against them.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi local mercenaries in the city of Marib have escalated the kidnappings of civilians, men and women, as they are subjected to ill-treatment and brutal torture that led to the death of many of them.