STC Head (UAE Militia) Announces Normalization Intentions with Israel



Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, head of the so-called “Southern Transitional Council” loyal to the Emirates, announced his intentions to normalize relations with the Zionists.

“normalization with Israel is expected when as we obtain our country and capital, which belongs to the southern Arab,” Al-Zubaidi said during a television interview with RT channel yesterday on Tuesday.

He explained that the so-called “Southern Transitional Council” blessed the normalization that was done between Isreal and some Arab countries, stressing that if they became a sovereign state with its capital Aden, then it is their right to offer normalization with “Israel”; According to his description.

It is noteworthy that the UAE is working on expanding the normalization in the Arab world and establishing militias that work in order to achieve this relation, which is currently happening in occupied Yemeni regions.