A Near Humanitarian Crisis Due to the Siege on Oil Tankers, Hajjah Health Sector Warns



The health sector in Hajjah governorate warned of a humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the US-Saudi detention of il derivative ships and preventing their entry to Yemen.

The health sector condemned, in a stand organized by the Public Health and Population Office and the Republic Hospital Authority, the continuing arbitrary practices by the aggressors and preventing fuel, food, and medicine ships from entering the port of Hodeidah.

The participants in the stand called on the international community and humanitarian organizations to intervene quickly to lift the siege and stop the aggression.

Moreover, participants also denounced the mercenaries’ crime of kidnapping women in Marib, considering this crime as arbitrary action that contravenes the principles, values ​​, and authentic morals of the Yemeni people.

They also held the United Nations responsible for keeping silent and complicit in crimes carried out by the aggressors, as well as considering the international silence as participation in those crimes.

The statement pointed out that the continued detention of ships will lead to the stopping of hospitals in providing medical and humanitarian services.