Parliament welcomes European Parliament’s decision to stop war on Yemen



The Parliament on Sunday welcomed the European Parliament’s decision, which includes the call for stopping the war on Yemen and preventing arms sales to the aggression coalition countries, topped by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The House considered the European Parliament’s decision a positive approach consistent with all calls for the world’s free people to end the suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the continuing aggression and comprehensive siege.

In this regard, The House expressed its aspiration that the European Union countries and the new US administration would take concrete practical measures on the ground.

While closely following the positive steps and positions to end the war, the House welcomed calls for peace and dialogue between Yemenis, far from outside interference, to reach an honorable settlement that leads, first and foremost, to preserve the unity, security, stability, and reconstruction of Yemen.

The House also considered that the security and stability of the region is linked to stopping the war and establishing comprehensive peace in Yemen.