Hodeidah: Civilians Condemn the Saudi Arbitrary Detention of Oil Ships



A protest was held, on Monday, in Hodeidah governorate, in front of the United Nations office to denounce the US-Saudi piracy on oil ship and preventing their entry to Yemen.

In the rally, the participants denounced the Saudi intransigence and its continued detention of oil derivative ships, as well as food and medicine ships, stressing that they are trying to target the Yemeni people.

The statement of the protest called upon the United Nations to issue a decision that stops the aggression and lift the blockade imposed on the Yemenis for six years. They also called to immediately and unconditionally allow all oil derivative ships to enter the port of Hodeidah.

Moreover, the statement called on the international community to prosecute those responsible for the detention of the fuel, food, and medicine ships, and impose legal penalties on them for their aggression against Yemen and for committing genocide against civilians.