Reasons of Delaying Safer Tanker Maintenance Explained by the Top Committee



Ibrahim Al-Sarraji, head of the supervisory committee for the implementation of the urgent maintenance agreement and a comprehensive evaluation of the floating Safer tank, affirmed that the committee is carrying out its duties to the fullest and with the full cooperation of the relevant authorities.

According to the statements released to Yemen’s SABA news agency, the head of the committee denied what was stated by the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock, in his briefing to the Security Council about the existence of a notification to the United Nations to stop the preparations for the implementation of the urgent maintenance agreement and the comprehensive evaluation of the floating tank SAFER.

He explained that each postponement of the arrival date of the UN experts is done unilaterally by the United Nations for reasons that are pertinent to it and that the National Salvation Government in Sana’a has nothing to do with those reasons.

Al-Sarraji indicated that after signing the agreement, the United Nations set February 15 as the date for the start of the mission, and then later informed the committed it will postpone the date to the first day of March, explaining that this is because of the delay of the delivery of the materials purchased from companies that contracted with them.

The head of the committee also confirmed that there is a framework that has been completed and agreed upon.

“We respect this agreement and hope that it will also be respected by the United Nations,” he said.