Yemeni fishermen in Hodeidah denounce crimes of Saudi aggression



Yemeni Fishermen, employees of the fish landing center, and citizens in Al-Salif district, Hodeidah governorate, organized a protest to denounce the mercenaries’ crime of kidnapping women in Marib and the continued detention of the aggression coalition ships of oil derivatives and preventing their entry to the port of Hodeidah.

The participants condemned the arbitrary practices of the countries of aggression by detaining the ships of oil derivatives in light of shameful international silence.

A statement issued by the protest stand called for the free world to stand by the grievances of the Yemeni people and the arbitrary practices, crimes, and violations committed by the US-Saudi aggression coalition, including acts of maritime piracy and the detention of oil derivative ships.

It also emphasized the general mobilization of the fronts to confront the aggression and the crimes and violations it commits against the children and women of Yemen, calling on the United Nations and the international community to play the humanitarian role in stopping the crimes of aggression, lifting the blockade, allowing the entry of fuel ships and preventing their detention.