Security, Intelligence Service reveals information about US, British intelligence spies



The Security and Intelligence Service revealed on Tuesday in Sana’a new information about a spy cell of British and American intelligence arrested in the capital Sana’a last week.

The Security and Intelligence Service said, in a statement, that the spy cell members were recruited by US intelligence officers and then transferred to work with British intelligence officers to complete the hostile role against the Yemeni people.

The arrested spies had met with the CIA’s officers at Al-Ghaydha airport in Mahra province, east of Yemen, and then worked with British intelligence officers, according to the statement.

The statement affirmed that the British and American intelligence officers were paying a monthly sum estimated at $ 300 to each of the arrested spies for collecting important information and coordinates in the Yemeni army-controlled areas in the northern provinces.

It stated that the members of the spy cell joined the so-called “Special Tasks Battalion”, which was led by Fayez Al-Muntasir, and took a military course, noting that the battalion was established to attract the youth from the northern provinces to work with the British and American intelligence in Yemen.

The US and British intelligence and the Saudi-led coalition countries were focusing and on the northern provinces, especially Saada and Sanaa, the statement added.

It referred that the spy cell concentrated on searching for air defenses and drones of the Yemeni army, as well as the military forces, with the aim of destroying them.

“The American and British intelligence are working everywhere in Yemen to establish a permanent presence under the pretext of combating terrorism and building what has been destroyed by the aggression coalition, while their goal is to control Yemen and drain its wealth,” the statement said.