Al-Houthi: Real Peace or War Until Victory



Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed al-Houthi said on Friday “We continue to defend our homeland and our dignity, stressing that the honorable people of Marib are sincere in their association with the capital of the Republic of Yemen, Sana’a.” this was during the mass rallies in all Yemen’s liberated provinces under the slogan “The siege of the US aggression coalition kills the Yemeni people.”

Member of the Supreme Political also said: “If Biden wants peace, he must withdraw his experts who lead the battle in Marib, and that the UK should stop the arms sales which are used to hit our civilians in Marib and other various fronts. ”

He called on Saudi Arabia to defend itself within its borders and not in Marib. To the Emiratis, he told them to go to the islands that they claim are occupied by Iran and to confront them there.

Al-Houthi stressed that the US envoy and US President Joe Biden do not provide a peace plan, calling for true and just peace, otherwise, it is war, until victory is achieved.