SCMCHA holds press conference over Marib displaced people



The Supreme Council for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has held a press conference over arrangements to accommodate the displaced from Marib province.

SCMCHA Secretary-General Abdul Mohsen Tawoos stressed, on Monday, the local authority and private sector should play their role to assimilate the displaced from Marib whether from the province’s residents or those who live in it from other provinces.

Tawoos explained the SCMCHA is in a state of alert and is ready to stand by the provinces’ leadership to provide the needs for the displaced, calling on humanitarian organizations and UNHCR to support efforts to provide the necessary needs for the displaced from Marib.

He indicated the displaced persons in Yemen since the beginning of the aggression have reached 4,000,996, adding the Yemeni people who have taken care of this number of displaced persons six years ago will take care of 50,000 persons from Marib.

Tawoos said he hopes United Nations would play its role in providing safe passages for the displaced from Marib.

For this part, capital Sana’a mayor Hammoud Ubbad affirmed the capital Sana’a would do its best to shelter the displaced from Marib, indicating the capital would work through the SCMCHA to find the basic components to house the displaced.

Ubbad pointed out the number of residents in the capital Sana’a before the aggression was approximately 2,000,500 while after the aggression on Yemen around 7,000,000 live in the capital due to a large wave of displacement from various provinces.

اعلان الزكاة