SPC member: achieving real peace depends on lifting the siege and stopping the aggression



Supreme Political Council (SPC) Member Mohammed al-Houthi has affirmed the real peace in Yemen depends on lifting the siege, stopping aggression and fighting on all fronts, calling on the US to abandon its racism and move towards peace.

In a protest stand organized by Maeen district in capital Sana’a on Monday to announce the public mobilization towards the fronts, al-Houthi hailed the honorable positions of the district’s sons in the face of aggression and the support of the army and popular committees to defend the homeland.

We bet on our people, we bet on loyal and free men who do not accept injustice and love victory and freedom, he said.

“You [the aggression countries] will not undermine our steadfastness and we [ the Yemeni people] will not back down on an issue that we know is fateful. We will achieve independence and full sovereignty over the Yemeni lands,” al-Houthi addressed the countries of the aggression.

“I say to Bin Salman that your continued war on Yemen is the end of your kingdom and your rule too,” al-Houthi said, stressing the Yemeni people, on the eve of the seventh year of the aggression, will continue its steadfastness against the aggression and its tools until victory is achieved.

\The SPC member praised the victories achieved on the military and security sides, considering the achievements of the missile force and drones as a culmination of the steadfastness of the Yemeni people.