Humanitarian Council discusses coordination with UNHCR



Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA) Abdul Mohsen Tawoos met on Sunday with UNHCR Resident Representative John Nicholas.

During the meeting, they discussed cooperation and coordination with UNHCR regarding the affairs of displaced persons and the management of displacement sites.

The meeting also discussed the mechanisms of action between the Council and UNHCR to ensure the continuity of work and achieve the desired results to alleviate the suffering of the displaced and the affected.

At the meeting, Tawoos confirmed the Council’s readiness to provide the necessary facilities for the conduct of UNHCR work and the functions assigned to it.

He noted the need to discuss developments within the joint commission to ensure that work continues in partnership, coordination and fruitful cooperation that serves the humanitarian process.

The UNHCR Resident Representative confirmed UNHCR’s commitment to coordinate with the Council and discuss challenges first and foremost to advance the common humanitarian goals.