No Place For Semi-Solution, When It Comes To Humanitarian Issues


The head of the National Delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, explained that there is no place for semi-solutions when it comes to humanitarian situations.
In a tweet,On, Monday, Abdulsalam said: “The unwillingness to separate the humanitarian issue from other issues is an indication of the lack of seriousness in reaching a comprehensive and just peaceful solution.” He stressed the firm position of the National Delegation not to subject the humanitarian issue to any quid pro quo.

The head of the National Delegation had indicated in previous statements that the blockade should not exist in any way, as it is contrary to international and humanitarian laws, stressing that “we cannot accept any barter for the humanitarian situation in exchange for any other address.”

On Thursday, the Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi dismissed Saudi Arabia’s so-called peace initiative.

Speaking in a televised address in Sana’a as the war in Yemen enters its seventh year, Sayyed Abdulmalik said: “We are ready for an honorable peace, in which there is no quid pro quo for our people’s right to freedom and independence, nor for their legitimate rights.”

“The Americans, Saudis, some Europeans and some countries tried to persuade us to compromise the humanitarian issues, human and legal entitlement for our people, to have access to fuel, food and medical supplies, and basic materials. They tried to link this within agreements, steps, military conditions, and political conditions. We cannot agree to that, nor accept that.”