Director Of The Health Bureau : The Lack Of Oil Products Exacerbates The Suffering Of Thousands Of Patients


The Director of the Health Office in the Capital Secretariat, Mr. Mutahir Al-Marouni, affirmed that the health sector represents an advanced front of steadfastness in the face of aggression and siege.
During his inspection on Sunday.

He praised the steadfastness of the health sector and the continuation of its services to patients despite the difficulties.

The Director of Health along with the Assistant Director of the Moral Guidance Department, Brigadier General Abed Al-Thawr, confirmed that the continued seizure of the aggression against the ships of oil derivatives leads to the lives of thousands of patients and the disruption of medical and treatment services in the capital’s hospitals.

He pointed out that the blockade and the lack of oil derivatives disrupted many important and life-saving sections of patients in emergency, intensive care, children’s nurseries and oxygen plants.

He said that the health sector has suffered and is still suffering from the lack of access to the necessary medicines and devices to hospitals and health facilities and the emigration of many medical personnel within the plotting plans of the aggression coalition.

Al-Marouni called on international organizations working in the health and humanitarian field to do their duty and fulfill their obligations in light of the aggravation of the suffering of the Yemeni people due to the aggression and blockade.