Yemen’s Petroleum company calls on UN to not Neglect its humanitarian appeals



The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) has called on the United Nations to not ignore the humanitarian and international laws as well as humanitarian appeals, which criminalizes the US-Saudi piracy on oil tankers, in addition to medicine and food ships.

The employees of the YPC, in their 756-day protest in the capital Sana’a, denounced the silence of the United Nations towards the maritime piracy that is being conducted by the US-Saudi aggressors; thus, saying it makes them a partner in crime of what is happening to the Yemeni people.

YPC official spokesman Essam al-Mutawakel pointed out that the aggressors are still holding 5 oil ships, all of which are used for public consumption. Since the beginning of this year, no amount of oil was entered into Yemen.

Al-Mutawakel held the Saudi-led aggressive coalition, which its actions are being supported by the United States and the United Nations, fully responsible for the humantrian crisis the Yemeni people are being subjected to.