Yemen Will Not Stand by During the Nation’s Fight for Palestine’s Freedom: Houthi



The Leader of the Revolution, Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, affirmed today, Wednesday, that the Yemeni people will continue to support the Palestinian people and strive to liberate Palestine, sanctities and all the occupied Arab territories.

The Leader of the Revolution stressed, in a televised speech during his participation in the joint activity of the “Free Manber” for leaders and symbols of the resistance on the occasion of International Jerusalem Day, that people of Yemen are looking forward to participating with the rest of the nation to help the Palestinian people.

” Our people today clearly and firmly in the heart of the conflict are ready to play its role at all levels and with everything it can, and it will not be neutral in the battle of the nation and towards the cause of Muslims and facing the enemies of Muslims,” Sayyed Houthi said.

He noted that Al-Quds Day is an important occasion to revive the nation, sharpen motivation, and raise awareness and a sense of responsibility towards the central cause of the nation.

He addressed peace, greetings and pride to the people of Palestine, their fighters, praising the actions of the Palestinians in response to the Zionist enemy in its targeting of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its aggressive practices.

On the normalization of some Arab regimes with the Zionist enemy, Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi affirmed that these regimes are committing a betrayal of Islam and Muslims.

He said that the normalization of some countries with the enemy is clear and exposed joining to the enemy’s side and considered hypocrisy.

Sayyed Al-Houthi addressed the leaders of the enemy entity and its society, stressing that they are now in great danger, pointing out to them that the upcoming confrontation will be between them and people who truly depend on Allah from this nation.

“The Palestinian cause was freed today from reckless accomplices, which puts us a step forward to the ultimate victory and the fulfilling of the god’s promise,” Sayyed Al-Houthi said.

Regarding Yemen’s efforts to liberate Palestinians in the prisons of the Saudi regime, Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi said: “We made efforts and offered the Saudi regime multiple options for the release of the kidnapped Palestinians, but so far, it is intransigent.”

He Said that the Saudi regime has chosen for itself, through the kidnapping of Palestinians from Hamas, to remain a stigma and a witness for its betrayal, and a proof to his courtship to the enemy, he added.

The Leader of the Revolution renewed the call for the Saudi regime to respond to the offer they launched by releasing pilots and a number of captured Saudi officers in exchange for the release of the Palestinians kidnapped by them, stressing that this is the only way the Saudi regime can get itself out form the mud of treachery and injustice that it has been practicing against these Palestinians unlawfully.