Houthi: If the Saudi Coalition Goes to Liberate Palestine, We’ll Support It



“Let the aggressive coalition on Yemen go with its warplanes to liberate Palestine, and we are ready to support it,” the member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, said last Monday.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi offered, during his speech in front of mass rallies that went out in support of Palestine, the Saudi aggressors to stop all the frontlines and end the aggression, in exchange that the Saudis go to Palestine and liberate Al-Quds with their warplanes and weapons.

“We will not attack and we will not move a fingertip, and you go to liberate Palestine, and if you need us, we will be present by your side, ” he said, explaining that this is the right position and for their warplanes to be, and the right targets they should strike.

Al-Houthi also expressed his readiness to give support with the missile force, air force and recruited men, indicating that the battle with the “enemy” is a “jihad”.

Al-Houthi He praised the steadfastness of the heroes in Palestine and that what is happening has foiled the “deal of the century” that collapsed before the feet of the Palestinians, explaining that the people of Palestine stand in the first trench defending the nation. He stressed the support of the Yemeni people through financial donations, which will all go to the Palestinian factions.

He explained that the Israeli enemy attacked Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Quds, and the Arab and Islamic peoples have a duty to stand by the Palestinian resistance factions in their retaliation to these attacks.