May 17: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



On Monday, May 17, 2021, the US-backed Saudi-led aggression (coalition) against Yemen continued its airstrikes and bombings in several regions. While in Hodeidah, the Saudi-UAE aggressive forces continued to violate the Sweden Agreement.

In Taiz, a citizen was killed by a sniper bullet that was shot by the mercenaries of the Saudi aggressors in the village of “Taba’esha”, located in Sabr Al-Mawadim district.

In Saada, a citizen was killed by the Saudi border guards in the Al-Raqo area within the Munabbeh district, near the border.

As for Marib, the warplanes of the Saudi aggressors conducted 16 airstrikes on Serwah district.

A source in the Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room announced that there were 138 violations committed by the Saud-UAE forces and their mercenaries in Hodeidah during the past 24 hours.

The source explained that among the violations were 8 violations by launching raids using drones on Al-Faza, Al-Arj and Al-Jabaliya areas. In addition, the violations include the hovering of 22 espionage drones in the airspace of Kilo 16, Al-Faza, Al-Jabaliya, Al-Jah and Al-Tuhita, and Al-Durayhimi.

Moreover, 15 violations were carried out by artillery shelling and 92 violations using diverse weapons.