Saudi Shelling Results in the Injury of a Civilian in Saada



A citizen was injured, this Wednesday, after a Saudi shelling targeted the area of ​​Al-Raqo in Saada Governorate, northern Yemen, an official reported.

It is worth noting that two citizens were killed yesterday evening, Tuesday, as a result of the Saudi shelling on the same aforementioned area in Saada.

An African immigrant was also killed, while a citizen was wounded Tuesday morning in Al-Raqo

Moreover, the Saudi missile and artillery shelling also targeted the Shada district, near the border within Saada, which resulted in the injury of two civilians.

This continuous bombing of the district in the province of Saada comes in the context of the continuous crimes committed by the Saudi aggressors against the citizens living in villages located near the border. These acts are being neglected by humanitarian and international organizations.