Prisoners’ Affairs Committee Announces the Death of a Prisoner Under Torture



The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs revealed the death of the prisoner Omar Idris Hassan Idris, from Al-Bayda Governorate, after the mercenaries of the Saudi coalition tortured him to death in a prison located in Marib.

The Committee expressed its strong condemnation of the killing of the captive Idris, holding the forces of aggression and their mercenaries morally and legally responsible for this crime and the crimes that preceded it.

The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs stated that Omar Idris was captured on the Jebel Murad front in Marib on September 19, 2020, and the committee was surprised after several months by handing him over a dead body bearing signs of torture. Moreover, a forensic doctor examined the body of the prisoner Omar, and it was found that he died as a result of torture.