Saudi border guards kill 2 civilians, injure another



Today, Sunday, two citizens were killed and a third was wounded, in a fresh crime by the Saudi regime forces in the districts near the border, especially the districts of Monabbeh and Shada in Saada governorate.

The dead bodies of “Ibrahim Al-Murshidi” and “Salem Al-Huti” arrived at Al-Jumhouri Hospital after they were killed in the Saudi targeting of Al-Raqo area, Monabbeh district.

In Shada district, a citizen was wounded this morning by Saudi border guards’ fire.

Yesterday, Saturday, one citizen was killed and another wounded by the Saudi guards’ shooting against Al-Raqo area, Monabbeh district, Saada governorate.

In the past weeks, dozens of civilians, including children and women, were killed and wounded in almost daily crimes committed by the Saudi forces, especially in the Raqo area.