Al Soufi And Tawoos Inaugurated Service Projects With $525,000 In Hajjih


Hajjah Governor Hilal Al-Soufi and Secretary General of SCMCHA Abdulmohsen Tawoos launched today service projects in Hajjih governorate at a cost of $525,000.

Tawoos and Al Soufi, in the presence of SCMCHA branch director in the governorate, Allan Fadil,director of the local Water and Sanitation Corporation, Eng. Amin Al-Maghales, and the director of Planning Office, Abdul Rahman Al-Malhani, inaugurated the first phase of the sewage treatment plant project financed by UNICEF in Al-Shahil district, where seven thousand people get benefit of .

They , in the presence of the Shahel district Director, Walid Abu Donia, inaugurated the second phase of the project, which is the Sewerage system network in the district.

They also , accompanied by a local member of the governorate, Yahya Moussa, and the director of the health office in the governorate, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kahlani, launched the operating room of the rural hospital in Kaidaneh, and the groundbreaking for hospital’s emergency building project.

Al-Soufi and Tawoos were briefed on the level of health services provided in Al-Shahil Hospitals, Qafel Shammar and Kaeda Rural Hospitals.

They heard from the directors of the districts of Al-Shahil, Qafel Shammar and Kaidaneh, and the district health offices, an explanation of the needs of hospitals, the conditions of health facilities as well as the districts’ needs in terms of road, water and sanitation projects.

The governor of Hajjah indicated the importance of the projects that were opened in providing the necessary services to citizens, especially in light of the exceptional circumstances due to the continued aggression and siege.

He appreciated the efforts of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in allocating the necessary funds to implement service projects in various rural areas in Hajjah, confirming readiness to overcome any difficulties in implementing these projects.

Tawoos explained that the visit to Hajjah and the opening of projects in rural areas comes within the framework of ensuring that the districts’ needs for service projects are provided.

Tawoos also stressed the keenness to find development projects in the district to alleviate the suffering of citizens, especially in the field of roads, education, the health sector, water and sanitation.

He looked forward that the organizations would met the government’s directions and provide funds to cover priority needs.

Al-Soufi and Tawoos,in the presence of governorate’s deputy, Nabil Al-Jarb, were also briefed on the absorptive capacity of the IDP camp in the Abs district and the necessary needs.

Al-Soufi and Tawoos indicated that the governorate leadership will work to provide the water source, while the SCMCHA will provide the water network and water tanks .

The Governor of Hajjah and the Director of the Health Office in the governorate presented a shield to the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, for his efforts in the success of health projects and programs in the governorate.

Source: SCMCHA