The US Is Not Serious In Stopping the War on Yemen: Abdulsalam



The head of the national delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, stressed in a statement to the Al-Masirah Arabic channel, that the United States is not serious about stopping the aggression and the siege imposed on the Yemeni people.

“The countries of aggression ask the national party to agree to the continuation of the siege, indicating that there has been no progress in the discussions and our efforts will continue until they reach a conviction to stop the aggression and lift the siege,” Mohammed Abdulsalam said to the Al-Masirah channel.

Abdulsalam made it clear that the United States wants to implement its projects in Yemen and is not concerned with the humanitarian crises.

“I asked Ban Ki-moon during previous negotiations why Saudi Arabia was removed from the blacklist of child killers, and he replied that they were pressured financially,” Mohamed Abdulsalam added.

He indicated that the entry of food and medical supplies are natural rights to Yemen and do not need any further discussions.

“We are not asking for assistance from anyone, what we are asking for is the lifting of the siege,” he emphasized.

Abdulsalam pointed out that the resolutions made by the United Nations serve those rich countries, and their classifications are biased.

Abdulsalam confirmed that the Saudi aggressors have committed the most heinous crimes against children, and they were not included in the list of violations of children’s rights.