Ansarullah: Guterres’ classification is proof that the UN organization is a platform for distorting facts



The Political Office of Ansarullah has confirmed that the classification of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Ansarullah as violators of children’s rights classified itself and its international organization within the list of shame.

In a statement, the Ansarullah Office said that Guterres provided concrete proof that the UN organization is just a platform exploited by the influential countries to distort the facts and confiscate the rights of vulnerable peoples.

The statement strongly denounced that unfair classification, and considered it invalid and not based on any pretext, noting that the United Nations cut off what remained of its connection with the Yemeni people and declared itself a party to the coalition of aggression.

It said it would have been better for the United Nations to remain neutral and not turn into a cheap trumpet repeating the nonsense of the coalition of aggression.”

The statement clarified that the aggression is condemned by thousands of videos that documented the horrific massacres of Yemeni children over the past years, in addition to the repercussions of the siege that resulting killing thousands of victims, especially children.

It added, “If the Secretary-General of the United Nations had a dot of humanity, he would have refused to renew for himself for a second term if the return was to bear the disgrace and sell his conscience at a cheap price.”

The statement pointed out that the children of Yemen know who killed them by planes, also know who kill them by siege and they know who holds the UN positions in exchange for their blood and their childhood.