Al-Masirah Network Condemns The US Government’s ban on Its Website



Al-Masirah Network has condemned the US government’s ban on al website without any justification or even prior notice.

In a statement, Al-Masirah Network said “As usual in the practice of piracy, the US government, represented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Ministry of Commerce, has blocked “Al-Masirah Net” website without any justification or even prior notice.”

The statement stressed that Al-Masirah is continuing to fulfill its message and to confront American and Israeli piracy by all available means.

It pointed out that the US ban on the “Al Masirah Net” website and other friendly websites once again reveals the falsehood of the slogans of freedom of expression and all other headlines promoted by America, and its inability to confront the truth of the word.

Al Masirah Network called on followers to open the new al-Masirah Net website at the address: