Two Yemeni Ballistic Missiles Target Mercenaries in Marib



The missile force of the Yemeni army announced the targeting of the “Sahn Al-Jin” military camp and the “third military zone” camp, in Marib governorate, with two Badr-1 ballistic missiles.

The official spokesman for the armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said in a press statement that the operation was successful, achieving accurate hits. Saree confirmed that dozens of mercenaries were killed and injured in the military operation, including commanders.

The spokesman of the army noted that the media affiliated with the mercenaries is promoting about targeting “civilians” is false and baseless.

“Our missile strikes target clear and known military sites, and we are taking all necessary operational measures to protect civilians,” he stressed.

“All our operations are in compliance with international humanitarian law and its customary rules,” he added.