Government spokesperson: the escalation of aggression countries in Bayda exposes the falsehood of US statements about peace in Yemen



 National Salvation Government spokesperson and Minister of Information Dhaif Allah al-Shami has affirmed that the false peace slogan behind which the countries of aggression, led by America, hide behind it is nothing but a sign of deception and a means to implement its agenda of suppressing and controlling peoples.

In a statement that was provided to Saba new agency, the government spokesman said the escalating military operation in al-Zaher district in Bayda province, which was officially announced by the government of agents and traitors, and called it “al-Najm al-Thaqeb”, is behind it and is run by America, which falsely claims to be keen on peace in Yemen.

Al-Shami also stressed that this operation reveals that the countries of the aggression adopted the overall criminal operations practiced by al-Qaeda and ISIS in the various provinces of Yemen in general and in the province of Bayda in particular, which enables the army and popular committees to confront them and purify most of the areas that were their main strongholds in Yemen and the region.

He pointed out that this escalation comes at a time when the countries of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen and their mercenaries are talking that Sana’a is working to obstruct the peace process, and this is what increases them as a scandal to their repeated scandals in deception and misleading world opinion.

“This operation in which America moved its tools from al-Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen also comes after the threat and intimidation launched by the US administration, which was translated by the field by moving al-Qaeda in Al-Bayda in additional evidence that al-Qaeda is nothing but an American criminal tool that moves it whenever and how it wants,” he said.

He added, “This ridiculous role of the government of mercenaries represented in adopting the operation, was covered by the United States by announcing the continuation of American support for mercenaries in training and qualification for fear of the scandal of highlighting its direct support for al-Qaeda and ISIS.”