Statistics of 2300 Days of War Against Yemen: Humanity Eye Center



Today, Sunday, Humanity Eye Center for Rights and Development revealed statistics on the crimes of the US-supported Saudi-led coalition within 2,300 days of aggression on Yemen.

The center’s statistics showed that the total number of killed was 17,176, including 3,842 children, 2,400 women, and 10,934 men; the wounded were 26,715, including 4,225 children, 2,832 women, and 19,658 men.

With regard to infrastructure, the statistics revealed that the aggressors destroyed, during 2,300 days, 15 airports, 16 seaports, 308 electricity generators and stations, in addition to 553 networks and communication stations; 2,397 tanks and water networks; 1,983 government facilities; 5,224 roads and bridges.

As for the number of economic establishments destroyed by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggressors, according to the statistics, it amounted to 396 factories, 352 fuel trucks, 11,479 commercial establishments, 423 chicken and livestock farms, in addition to 7,945 means of transportation; 472 fishing boats; 931 food stores; 397 gas stations; 685 markets and 858 food trucks.

With regard to service facilities, the statistics revealed the destruction of 575,353 homes, 179 university facilities, 1,446 mosques, 369 tourist facilities, 391 hospitals and health facilities, 1,110 schools and educational centers, 7,733 agricultural fields, 135 sports facilities, and 248 archaeological sites and 49 media facilities.