Deputy Head of UN Mission inspects damage to homes of citizens in Hodeida



Deputy Head of the United Nations Mission to Support the Hodeida Agreement “UNMHA” Daniela Kroslak briefed Monday on the damage caused to the homes of citizens as a result of shelling by the mercenaries of the aggression on citizens’ houses in al-Hawk district in Hodeida city.

Kroslak, along with directors of the offices of Hodeida governor Anwar al-Hasani and media Adel Makki briefed on the extent of the damage to citizens’ homes as a result of a mortar shell fired by the mercenaries of aggression at dawn on Sunday which represents a clear violation of the Stockholm Agreement.

The Deputy Head of the UN Mission affirmed the keenness of the mission and the United Nations to implement the Stockholm Agreement, expressing regret for the continued casualties in Hodeida and various areas in the province.

In return, the residents of the district called on the United Nations to take firm stances towards the crimes and daily violations committed by the aggression and its mercenaries in Hodeida.