The Central Bank in Sanaa Warns From Printing More Money for its Threatening Consequences on the Occupied Areas



An official source at the Central Bank of Yemen, headquartered in Sana’a, warned from the plans of the mercenary’s government, which aims to flood the markets in the occupied areas with counterfeit currency, which will result in a consequent rise in the prices of goods and services within these areas.

“The statement issued by the so-called Central Bank in Aden contained contradictions that confirm its violation of the simplest economic rules and the fundamentals of monetary policy,” the source stated to “Saba” news agency.

The aforementioned statement claimed to approve a treatment for price distortions of the national currency by continuing to pump more printed currency, which indicates the state of confusion and loss of control reached by the mercenary government, and the management of the so-called central bank in Aden, as a result of personal ambitions and the goals the Saudi-UAE aggressors are up to. However, this will result in increasing the suffering of the Yemeni people. In the occupied southern province, the exchange rate of one dollar equals (1,000), and it keeps increasing on a regular basis.

The source stresses that this decision, made by the so-called Central Bank of Aden, will inevitably cause – and catastrophically – more collapse in currency prices in the occupied areas, regardless of the type of printed currency that will be pumped, as its circulation is prohibited in the areas under the control of the National Salvation Government’s administration.

“What was included in the statement of the so-called Central Bank of Aden are just pretexts that the mercenary government are using to justify its continuation in printing counterfeit and illegal currency notes, and pumping them into the occupied areas for the purpose of using them to buy foreign currencies and smuggling them to their bank accounts abroad, in exchange for damaging and the depreciation of the real value of the Yemeni Rial; thus, impacting the lives of citizens in the occupied areas,” the source added.

The source also confirmed that the Central Bank – the main center in Sana’a under the control of the salvation government- had previously warned of the results of these actions and decisions carried out by the countries of aggression against Yemen and their mercenaries, through the so-called Central Bank of Aden.