Abdulsalam reveals details of initiative of Revolution Leader presented to Omani delegation



Head of the national delegation Mohammed Abdulsalam has revealed the details of the initiative presented by the leader of the revolution Abdulmalik al-Houthi to the Omani delegation regarding Marib province.

In his explanation of the initiative, the head of the national delegation said, “In accordance with the directive of the Leader of the Revolution, Marib Initiative was presented on the first day when the Omani delegation’s visited the Capital.”

Abdulsalam stressed that the Leader of the Revolution presented a fair initiative through the Omani delegation to be implemented in conjunction with the humanitarian file, which takes into account the interests of the people of Marib first.

He noted that the Leader of the Revolution stressed that the humanitarian file is the priority.

Abdulsalam pointed out that the initiative was presented from nine points, and does not represent any arbitrary points, and fulfills the conditions for peace.

He said, “We are still opening the way for Omani mediation, and it is still making commendable efforts.”

The head of the national delegation also stressed that linking the humanitarian file with the military is a risk. He said, “We agreed to inspect ships and determine their travel destinations, which are Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, India and others.”

He pointed out that “the other side, referring to the mercenaries, wanted to talk about Marib, and it thought that we did not want a ceasefire there.”

Commenting on the appointment of a new UN envoy, Mohammad Abdulsalam stressed that the United Nations only works in the context of countries of aggression and operates within the allowed margin.

He pointed out that the problem is not changing a person or not. The problem is that the countries of aggression do not have a decision to stop the aggression and establish peace.

Abdulsalam said, “We will not start from scratch with any UN envoy, adding the humanitarian file is an urgent priority.”