The United States is the one preventing peace in Yemen: Abdulsalam



The head of the national delegation, Mohamed Abdulsalam, stressed today, Wednesday, that the United States is who prevents a political solution in Yemen from being reached.

Abdulsalam explained in a tweet that the American intervention in Yemen led to the violation of national sovereignty by brutal aggression, and Saudi Arabia and the UAE were brought in.

He pointed out that the US imposed a stifling siege on the Yemenis, which resulted in disasters that affected all aspects of life, pointing out at the same time that America worked to deploy al-Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen.

In his interview with Al-Alam TV yesterday, the head of the national delegation confirmed that the United States is the one that is backing ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists in Marib Yemeni province.

“We believe that Saudi Arabia is the main responsible for the aggressive war against Yemen and that the UAE is working from behind,” Abdulsalam stresses.