Al-Houthi stresses importance of urban planning in Capital



Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed al-Houthi and Mayor of the Capital Hammoud Ubad have inaugurated street 24 in Wadi Ahmed neighborhood in Bani al-Harith district in the Capital Sana’a, with a length of 800 meters in its first phase.

In the opening, al-Houthi stressed the importance of urban planning to reduce random construction and establish urban cities that enjoy service projects, especially in light of the current urban and population expansion in the capital.

He said if there had been real planning from the beginning, building violations would not have been removed today during the construction of this public street and many others.

Al-Houthi stressed the urgedthe General Authority for Lands and Urban Planning to set up plans and keep pace with the urban expansion in the capital.

He stressed that urban planning for cities is an urgent necessity in the process of building the modern State of Yemen.