Military Escalation on Marib Paused to Present the Ansar Allah Initiative- What You Need To Know



However, the military escalation on Marib was paused, to renew the “Ansar Allah” initiative for Marib, which unexpectedly was welcomed by many tribes in Marib, political and media circles.

Deputy Foreign Minister in Sana’a, Hussein Al-Ezzi, expressed that Hadi’s deputy, Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, and the leaders of Al-Islah and Al-Qaeda, are weaker than ever, and are unable to move easily within the city of Marib, noting, however, a solution can be found in the future to rehabilitate and coexist with them.

Several sources said that a number of notables from the city of Marib had contacted the Sana’a leadership during the past few days to discuss the initiative, which led the Islah militia to launch a massive campaign of arrests on suspicion of dealing with “Ansar Allah”.

It is known to the public that the United States, who just days before had its espionage drone, type “Scan Eagle”, shot by the air defenses of the Sana’a forces as it was carrying out hostile operations in Marib.

After the shooting of a US drone, statements were released by the US ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Feierstein, who said: “Washington’s priority in Yemen is not enabling the Houthis to control Marib,” warning that “their success in controlling it will lead to a fundamental change in the balance inside Yemen and make any future political agreement more difficult.”