New Deportations Steps against Yemeni expatriates from Saudi


A number of Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia said that the procedures of the Labor Office carried out special campaigns for Yemeni workers only in Riyadh and Qassim, and the matter was no longer limited to the southern regions.

The expatriates said that the Labor Office in Riyadh put employers in front of two options. Either to dispense with Yemeni workers. Or stop sponsoring services.

Expatriates reported that the Saudi campaigns photographed the licenses of Yemeni workers in shops demanding the Yemeni workers to inform their employers of reviewing the municipality so that the workers are surprised by their demand to terminate their contracts by the Saudi sponsors.

They pointed out that the Indian and Ethiopian labor shops were not involved in their procedures , and the licenses were not photographed or documented. This confirms that there is a personal problem against Yemeni expatriates by the Saudi regime.

They confirmed that dozens of Yemeni workers have been excluded from work in malls and closed places and have been laid off, and they are ready to publish the names upon their arrival at the port after the termination of their contracts.

The Yemeni Communities Union is preparing to file a lawsuit against the Saudi regime before international courts to demand the rights of 800,000 Yemeni expatriates who were expelled from southern Saudi Arabia without a clear justification.