YPC: The UN is misleading Public Opinion by Not Mentioning the reasons behind Yemenis’ suffering



The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) confirmed that the United Nations (UN) continues to mislead public opinion by talking about human suffering and the acute shortage of fuel supplies, without referring to its causes represented by the blockade and maritime piracy on oil derivatives ships.

Today, Wednesday, the YPC company commented on what was stated in the Security Council session on August 23, saying that the UN continues to mislead public opinion by focusing on the repercussions and results of the blockade while completely ignoring the blockade as one of the most important causes of the exacerbation of the humanitarian crisis.

It added that the United Nations is merely focusing on the acute shortage of fuel supplies without the slightest indication of the talking about the ongoing maritime piracy on oil derivatives ships that have been authorized by the verification and inspection mechanism, and so on.

YPC pointed out that from the beginning of the year until today, the US-Saudi aggressive coalition has released only 3 ships, which are for public consumption and only represent 3% of gasoline and 6% of diesel.

Regarding the fines for demurrage on the three released ships, the company said that it amounted to $10,240,000, which is precisely one of the most important factors that make the fuel supply worsen, according to the incomplete briefing.

The Petroleum company denied the allegations regarding the return of one of the ships from the berth because of the full fuel tanks in Hodeidah.

Moreover, the YPC stated that the US-Saudi coalition of aggression is still holding 4 oil ships, including two ships carrying gas, one carrying gasoline, and another carrying diesel, all of which are for public consumption.

The fines for the currently held ships is amounted to 6,509,000 US dollars, according to the company, which can increase as long they are kept seized, noting that all of them are authorized by the United Nations and an inspector for entry to Hodeidah port.

The YPC renewed its call to all the free people of the world to continue to put pressure on the coalition of aggression, led by America, to stop using siege as a weapon, and starvation and to desist from piracy.