UN: at least 18,000 Yemeni casualties by Saudi airstrikes in the six-year old war



The United Nations, on its briefing last Wednesday, said that at least 18 thousand Yemeni civilians have been killed and wounded by the airstrikes launched by the US-backed Saudi air force since the beginning of the aggressive war waged since 2015.

The report presented to the Human Rights Council and written by UN assigned experts added that the number of airstrikes that have been carried out since the beginning of the Saudi aggression on Yemen amounted to 23,000 raids, which is 10 airstrikes a day.

The Saudi-led aggressive coalition, backed by the U.S. and UK, launched a brutal war in March 2015, with the aim of occupying the country and stealing its wealth. After almost seven years of war, the brutal Saudi coalition is now failing militarily after losing dozens of regions to the Yemeni forces.