Sep. 13: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



On Monday, September 13, 2021, the US-backed Saudi-led aggression (coalition) against Yemen continued its airstrikes and bombings in several regions. While in Hodeidah, the Saudi-UAE aggressive forces continued to violate the Sweden Agreement.

In Saada, two citizens and two African migrants were wounded by Saudi border guards’ fire in the Al-Raqo area, in Monabbeh close to the border. In addition, a number of four Saudi raids targeted Kitaf district, while another struck Al-Zaher district.

In Marib, 12 raids were carried out by the Saudi aggressors on Serwah district, 3 raids on Mahelia district, and 3 raids on Jabal Murad and Rahba districts.

In Al-Bayda, the Saudi fighters targeted with 4 raids the Nate’ district, and also launched two raids in Taiz airport.

In Al-Jawf, US-Saudi raids targeted the Al-Muhashima area in the Khub Al-Sha`af district.

Moreover, a raid targeted Al-Kasara area, near the Saudi southern province of Najran.