President Al-Mashat Assures liberation of all of Yemen in his first TV interview



President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, stated that each inch of Yemen’s land will be liberated, on Sunday, stressing that the “September 21” Revolution is an independent Yemeni revolution par excellence, with no guardianship over it.

In an interview with Al-Masirah TV on Sunday evening, Al-Mashat said “Yemen has risen to a level we did not expect, and the coming days will reveal the normal level it has reached.”

President Al-Mashat indicated that the legendary steadfastness so far, and the cohesion of state institutions, is the greatest achievement of the September 21 revolution.

He pointed out that the aggression tried to weaken and break this revolution, but from where it does not feel strengthen its pillar.

The President of the Supreme Political Council affirmed that America is behind the crimes against the Yemeni people.

With regard to the economic war, President Al-Mashat clarified that the battle is one. The military battle has its men who have proven their worth, and the world is witnessing that, and the economic battle has its men, and the economic front would win just as the military front has won.

Regarding the Palestinian issue, President Al-Mashat explained that the September 21 revolution is the revolution of all the oppressed in the Arab and Islamic world, confirming that the situation in Palestine is a top priority for the Yemeni revolution.

He pointed out that the United Nations – unfortunately – so far has a specific role decreed by the colonial powers that founded this organization, Including covering up the continuation of the aggression.

The President reiterated the absolute rejection of any negotiations or initiatives that involve bartering the humanitarian file with the political and military.

On the visit of the Omani delegation, President Al-Mashat clarified that “the Omanis conveyed to us a Saudi desire from a higher level to reach a solution, but unfortunately this desire changes and this happens at several turns.”

President Al-Mashat stressed that the battle in Marib is a battle to liberate an important, strategic and large part of the country.

He pointed out that the deterrence operations in the Saudi depth are in the context of operations of “great pain”, affirming that as long as the aggression and siege continue, all options are open, and all surprises are possible.

President Al-Mashat touched on the situation in the occupied southern provinces, noting that “what upsets the soul is the condition of the citizen in those areas.”