Here is what you need to know about the revolution of “September 21st”



September 21st represents the starting point for Yemenis either to stay subject to contemporary slavery or to achieve freedom and independence through resistance against tyrants.

This revolution corrected the course of all revolutions in their stages and triumphed for all the sacrifices of the Yemeni people for the sake of freedom, justice, development, and the rule of their decision over all their lands and the building of the modern Yemeni state.

The September 21st revolution came in a historic turning point in the life of the Yemeni people who said their word after decades of dependency, subordination, and corruption in which the opportunities for building the state, achieving security, and building the economy have been wasted.

The September 21st revolution represented a starting point to stop dangerous conspiracies that Yemen was exposed to after Yemen reached a state of seizing its political decision-making.

The revolution marked an important turning point in the contemporary history of Yemen, as Yemenis ended the domination, subordination, and external guardianship, including correcting the situation due to corruption, injustice, exclusion, marginalization, and monopolizing wealth.

The importance of the popular revolution is that it also transferred the Yemeni people from a situation in which the people were persecuted by the enemies into a situation that made Yemen influential in the course of events and an effective force in the region and the world.

The September 21st revolution has enshrined the concept of true partnership, and won the responsible and effective action of all components of the Yemeni people, despite the American and Saudi conspiracy and the threats posed by the Security Council.

The Yemeni people were able to get out of guardianship and dependence and imposed their will according to the wisely of revolutionary leadership.

Al-Sayyed Abdulmalik Al Houthi said that September 21 Revolution hindered the completion of the United States by robbing Yemen’s capabilities that help it defend itself in the face of any external aggression.

He pointed out that the problem of colonial powers and arrogance and their agents in the region is with Yemen not for nothing, but because of its refusal to submission and subordination, the revolution leader said.

Al-Houthi added that those powers begrudged Yemen to be independent in its political decision and in its legitimate right to manage its affairs away from external interferences.

The leader of the revolution stressed that the great popular movement and its momentum made the September 21st revolution a pure revolution achieved with the participation of the people and the masses of all categories and components.

The President Al-Mashat clarified that the September 21st revolution came to create a new climate filled with tolerance and coexistence and to establish the values of joint work to build a new Yemen free from corruption, tyranny, injustice, terrorism, and external domination, and all its children would participate in its construction and will be enjoyed in its wealth.

Al-Mashat indicated that the September 21st revolution from the first day imposed the values of tolerance, amnesty, and preferred the language of peace, becoming the first revolution in history to discuss with its opponents and did not put gallows.

In his part, Information Minister Dhaif Allah al-Shami indicated that the September 21st revolution is a revolution in freedom, independence, and freedom from tutelage and subordination of the forces of domination and arrogance.

Al-Shami reaffirmed that the national media will spare no effort in highlighting the gains and achievements of the September 21st revolution in various fields and confronting the disinformation campaigns of the media machine of the countries of aggression coalition and exposing their plans.

As , the celebration of this national occasion represents the anniversary of a moral, political, military, and security victory, a drive to confront the aggression, and an effective step to thwart its plans to try to return Yemen.

The September 21st revolution came to develop the paths of the revolution of September 26th and October 14th and it bore a great responsibility towards the homeland and its people.

So, the September 21st revolution will remain a bright spot that stems from the correctness of vision, unity of purpose, the wisdom of leadership, and the lining up of the people to achieve its goals.