Warnings from running short of medicines in the refrigerator of Sanaa airport



The Director-General of Drug Supply Stores at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shami, confirmed that the well-known medicines found in the refrigerator at Sana’a airport, since the closure of the airport by the Saudi aggressors have become subject to lack, for they require special air transport and storage conditions.

Al-Shami said when asked by the press on Friday, that citizens’ demand for chronic disease medicines is high and sharp in the ministry’s drug supply stores. However, he stated that they face great scarcity of these medicines, noting that the leadership of the Ministry of Health is trying with all its efforts to provide these medicines to those in need, despite the obstacles imposed by the US-backed Saudi-led aggression.

For his part, the Head of the Export Department at the Ministry of Health’s stores, Dr. Abdul Nasser Al-Quraishi, said that refrigerator medicines would save the lives of people with chronic diseases, such as medicines for patients with liver, diabetes, blood diseases, strokes, immunity, dialysis, obstetrics and gynecology, stressing that the Ministry’s stockpile of medicines needed by patients suffering from multiple sclerosis are sufficient to treat merely six patients, noting that it is rare to find this kind of drug in the local market and in the various governorates of the Republic.