Aden Governor Warns Against Worsening Security Conditions Due To Clashes


Aden governor, Tariq Salam, warned of the deteriorating humanitarian and living conditions, as a result of the street war erupting the city of Aden for days.

The governor affirmed in a statement that the UAE-Saudi occupation forces have attempted to circumvent the demands of the revolutionaries and attack their revolution.

Salam pointed to the humanitarian situation for the people of the governorate in light of the suspension of services, the spread of armed men in residential neighborhoods, and the state of complete paralysis in the city of Aden, is dangerous, which the sons of Aden province prompted to launch more than one distress call to demand an end to UAE-Saudi-backed guerrilla.

“The scenario that Aden is witnessing today is no different from what happened in 2019 and 2020 of wars that aim to get rid of any anti-occupation forces,” he added.

The governor called on the international community and its relevant institutions to intervene to save and protect the lives of citizens from armed militias, in light of the infighting that Aden is witnessing.