Discussion The Activities And Interventions Of The ICRC Mission


The head of the International Cooperation Department of SCMCHA, Mana’a al-Asal, met today with the head of the ICRC delegation, Jarrah Mueller, and his deputy Fatima al-Yemeni.

The meeting discussed the activities of ICRC and its humanitarian and medical interventions in prisons and hospitals.

The meeting touch on SCMCHA electronic system and its role in facilitating the implementation of the mission’s projects and activities in Yemen.

Al-Asal said the project system aims to facilitate the work of organizations and speed up the implementation of their projects and activities in the field.

He confirmed the importance of focusing on priority projects as needed when ICRC implementing activities .

In turn ,Mueller said the mission’s interventions are emergency, stressing the ICRC’s keenness to continue its humanitarian and medical interventions in Yemen.