Al-Seraji accuses American New Yorker magazine of misleading the reasons behind the failure of the Safer tank maintenance agreement



The head of the SAFER maintenance agreement committee, Ibrahim Al-Seraji, denied what was reported in the American New Yorker magazine about a 100% distortion of what Al-Seraji said during an interview with the magazine to clarify the reasons for the failure of the SAFER tank maintenance agreement.

Al-Seraji emphasized that the American magazine deliberately cut and distorted the answers to obscure the truth, stressing that the committee will issue, in the coming hours, a statement containing the original texts of the interview and how they were distorted by the American New Yorker magazine.

“We will send a clarification to the American magazine and demand the right to publish the original interview instead of this propaganda, or we will resort to suing it before the competent courts,” Al-Seraji added.