Local authority in Bayda condemns killing of al-Rashadi in Lahj



The local authority in Bayda province condemned on Saturday the murder of Abd Rabbo Muhammad Al-Rashadi Al-Maljami at the hands of armed elements at a security point affiliated with the Security Belt militias in the al-Had district, Lahj province.

The leadership of the local authority, in a statement Saba received a copy considered the murder of the citizen Al-Maljami from the Al-Malajem district comes among the crimes of the aggression and its mercenaries.

The statement held the government of Riyadh hotels and the so-called Transitional Council of the UAE state fully responsible for this crime, carried out by mercenaries, days after the crimes of the expatriate Abdul Malik Al-Sanabani and the young man Atef Al-Harazi at the points of the so-called Transitional Council.

The statement called on the international community and human rights organizations to carry out their humanitarian duty against Transitional Council mercenaries.

The statement renewed the call to quickly hand over the killers to the judicial authorities for the acts of killing and robbery.

The statement called on the tribes of Bayda Governorate and all the honorable and free people of Yemen to continue to mobilize and support the fronts with men and money.