EHC Provides statistics of 2400 days of Saudi aggression against Yemen



On Thursday, The Humanity Eye Center for Rights and Development revealed a statistic of the crimes committed by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition of aggression during 2,400 days of its war on Yemen.

The center indicated in its statistics that the total number of civilians killed and wounded during the 2400 days amounted to 44,221, including 17,290 killed and 26,931 wounded, and the number of children killed is 4270, while the women are 2850.

With regard to infrastructure, the statistics revealed that the aggressors destroyed, during 2,400 days, 15 airports, 16 ports, 312 stations and generators, 558 networks and communication stations, 2542 water stations, 1994 government facilities, and 5749 roads and bridges.

The number of economic establishments destroyed by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggressors reached 398 factories, 365 fuel tankers, 11,549 commercial establishments, 477 chicken and livestock farms, 8,483 means of transportation, and 476 fishing boats.

Moreover, the center revealed that the number of service facilities that were exposed to destruction by the aggression amounted to 946 food stores, 405 fuel stations, 689 markets, 884 food trucks, 579,954 homes, 180 university facilities, 1,478 mosques, 371 tourist facilities, 392 hospitals and health facilities, 1,128 schools and educational facilities, 8,326 agricultural sites, 136 sports facilities, 250 archaeological sites and 50 media firms.